The Film


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Dancers & Choreographers 

(in order of appearance)


Jessica Miltenberger & Rafal Pustelny

Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh

LaTasha Barnes & Bobby White

Each couple choreographed their own jam. Final jam choreographed by Bobby White, based on the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers’ “California Routine.” Final “animals” developed by The Swung Furies. 


Directed by Bobby White

with assistance from

Ryan Swift and Derek Ye

& The Swung Furies


Filmed by Derek Ye, Ryan Swift & Bobby White


Special thanks to Alletta Mae Cooper for helping out on site at the production


Technical advisers

Nathan Bugh

Jessica Miltenberger


Nick Williams

Edited by Bobby White 


Additional thanks to


You Should Be Dancing Studios NYC


“The King” (1946)

performed by Count Basie and His Orchestra:

Double Bass – Rodney Richardson

Drums – Jo Jones

Guitar – Freddie Green

Piano – Count Basie

Alto Saxophone  –  Jimmy Powell, Preston Love

Tenor Saxophone – Buddy Tate, Illinois Jacquet

Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet  – Rudy Rutherford

Trombone –  Eli Robinson, George Matthews, J.J. Johnson, Ted Donnelly

Trumpet – Ed Lewis, Emmett Berry, Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison*, Snooky Young

About the song: There’s a fantastic story with this song, first told to us by jazz musician and band leader Jonathan Stout:

Count Basie developed a lot of his musical style in Kansas City. One of the hallmarks of Kansas City Jazz was improvising on arrangements. Some songs would be played for hours into the night as soloist took turns “cutting” each other while the rest of the musicians invented supporting background riffs.

Basie’s hit song “Jumping at the Woodside” was perfect for adding background riffs, and after years of performing it, Basie’s group had come up with so many new licks for the song, they decided to record a completely new song from the newWoodside riffs, which they called “The King.”

So “The King” is basically “Jumpin’ At the Woodside, part 2.” 


Filmed on two Samsung Galaxy 8+ phones on the shuttle platform of Grand Central Station, New York City.

Edited on Wondershare Filmora